So, here I am again.
This is a poem that I wrote years ago, as so many are. Sometimes, I wonder where all of my muses have gone because I don’t feel like a writer very much any more.

I know that writing every day is one of the things that builds better skill. But, most days, I can’t find my muse. I guess another way to word that is to say that I can’t find the motivation to write. I know it is buried somewhere under all the fatigue and the long list of things that I know I should do instead but nothing feeds the ‘Writer’ part of my soul quite like immersing myself in a mountain of warm, fresh words that help me express what I can not otherwise give life to.

Here is another piece of my world, from a long time ago. I probably don’t need to add this but I am going to anyway. This poem is not about what it seems to be about at first glance. Metaphor is a wonderful thing.



All around me
-holding me
Pushing me from behind
a gentle lover’s pressure.
Dancing around my neck
an icy chill,
Lancing through my clothes,
Touching secret parts of me
Dancing with me
in embrace.
The poetry of moments;
A Sonnet of Days
Teaching me
Unseen insistence,
bending me into
supplication –
Willingness of Willow Tree.
Tugging at my hair,
Whipping over me,
Breathing life into
a deadened soul
That weeps for life no more.
…kneeling within you
inside your stream of Spirit
You give your breath and strength
and I
offer the Wind all willingness.

©JoBeth Sexton 12/12/2002-2016


4 thoughts on “TOUCHING WIND

  1. MARK HARRIS says:

    This is fabulous! I was able to “see” so many of visuals. Thank you for sharing this.

    • One of the things I most like to hear about my work is that it creates a personal visual in the reader’s mind. So, thank you for letting me know that you were able to see in your own way.

  2. darktrillium says:

    Wow! After many readings of this amazing poem, I have got to say it has become one of my favorites. You are so good at touching all of the senses with your words. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Thank you so much.
      As I have said before, compliments like this coming from you are high praise, indeed. I am glad that you like it and I always welcome your comments. There are so many more that I have recently added to the file on my computer. I don’t know if I will add them all to this blog. But, I intend to at least add a few. Hopefully, you will like those, too.

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