A Message From The Sky

     The skies have clouded up here and the temperature has dropped to a perfect 70-something in the day…perfect for those who like the warmer weather. Me? I would rather have a perfect 40-something degrees in the day time and snow this time of year. I love the seasons, the activity of the animals, the smells and sounds of the mountain. I so wish I could be there. Everyday, I feel the pull of the land up North. It is difficult to smile some days. 

     So, heart-sore and on the edge of tears, I kept going to the back door and looking at the only real view that I have; that of the building across the parking lot and the aerials and sky. 

     I went out to the back porch a few minutes later, intent on accomplishing something that would be considered productive, arms full of laundry. When I had put the load of clothing in the washer and closed the laundry room door on the hum of the machine, I heard a bird call that sounded a little ‘different’. I turned to see if I could find the source of the sound and saw what appeared to be a large bird flying parallel to the power lines, toward the junction tower. The bird looked a little wrong, maybe deformed and certainly the wrong shape, until it landed and I realized that it was a Hawk or Falcon. I ran inside to get our small pair of 24x binoculars. 

     On the top of the high voltage wire tower was a Peregrine Falcon, with the prey of a pigeon in its talons. The Falcon was busy, plucking the pigeon and spitting out the body feathers in little puffs that looked like cotton balls or large snow flakes, and they drifted away on the wind. 

     What an honor it was to watch the raptor, doing what it must to survive, not another care in the world. It was just doing what it does. But, it had been shown to me, brought to my attention.


      I believe it was to show me that, even though I am not on my beloved mountain, and even though I can not feel the seasons as I would like to, in a way that feeds my soul, the Goddess lets me know that I am not totally disconnected from Her wilderness. That, even in this loud and dirty city where few see the beauty in nature because it is covered up with asphalt and buildings, the current of life is still evident. 

     At one point in my life, my lesson was to learn not just to listen, but to hear. Now, I believe my lesson is not just to look, but to see. 

Just like the one I saw.



4 thoughts on “A Message From The Sky

  1. zagriffiah says:

    What a great gift from the sky. 🙂

  2. John says:

    So nicely writtin. Sitting her at work in a bunch of cubicals, depressed at the moment by all of it; this made me smile. Thanks.

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