A Response To A Question Elsewhere

I have been, and still am, involved in several online Pagan websites. I have had accounts on all of these for several years. But, I do not comment much or start many threads or topics. However, there was one question that was asked that prompted a response from me. The reason for this is because it was something I felt strongly about. Most of the time, I reply or comment because I do feel strongly and not because I am bored or because I need recognition. I felt that the question and the answer both had merit in today’s society and may even help a seeker of alternate  Paths of Spirituality . 

The question was “Do you feel that the new ways of the Craft of the Wise are watered down?”

Here is my response (and it is only MY response.  I used the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ to express encouragement to others):

The following is just my opinion and is not aimed at anyone or any thing save the question posed above….

I do not believe that the new ways of the Craft of the wise are watered down at all. 

I see this question as a 2-part question, deserving of a 2-part answer;

First, Wicca as a spiritual path is fairly new and no where near 500 years old.

Second, The Old Ways go back further and, for some, may even include the sympathetic magic that our ancestors used to call food animals to the local hunting ground or to raise energy for a trance state, far older than 500 years. For some, this question may seem to address Wicca and Paganism as two different Ways.

 The reason that I do not believe that our ‘NEW’ Path is watered down is because I have experienced trance, group Magick…I have felt the energy and raw power of the ancients come up from the Earth and down from the Moon like an eruption, like a water fall.

 I believe it has everything to do with awareness and training. You become aware through practicing Magick and opening your mind and heart. You use training to learn how to use that awareness….

 Now, in this age, we have a better understanding of all kinds of energy.  We can involve an understanding of Quantum Physics to better grasp why Magick works. We can use psychology to understand how the human mind finds ways to form personal references and how that helps each individual create a frame of reference to Magick and to resonate positively with it. These are things that our ancestors or the early practitioners of Wicca may have done. But, they did not have such an understanding of the ‘why’.

 I believe that understanding a thing creates avenues to better using a thing, even Magick. 

Therefore, I do not believe that it is ‘watered down’. 

I do, however, believe that some may have unrealistic expectations of what Magick really is. I believe that Hollywood and story books may have categorized Magick and ritual so that we become accustomed to thinking it is some instant gratification scheme to get what we want when that is what it certainly is not. This may appear to some as a ‘watering down’ of Magick… 

But, when we really study, when we are still and listen to the Goddess, we will find that the Magick has not been diminished. It has been buried under a layer of social silt. Dig for it.  It is even more powerful and life-changing than it has ever been.”






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