This morning, while my husband and I were playing with our JackRussellTerrier, he wanted to make a point about sneaking up on the poor pup. As he moved his hand toward the dog and wiggled his finger near the dog’s ear, what he wanted to say came out of his mouth like this: 

“The fingle ficker of F—-“and ended in hysterical laughter…From both of us. 

Yes, he was guilty of what I like to call Language Slaughter. I am sure we all have been at one time. 

I can remember when I was around thirteen and my best friend came over to ask what my little sister and I had been up to. This ensued in my first case of Language Slaughter when, within ear-shot of my mother, I tried to answer my friend’s question. I had been watching ‘Bewitched’.


My answer got me grounded for the evening. 


A Message From The Sky

     The skies have clouded up here and the temperature has dropped to a perfect 70-something in the day…perfect for those who like the warmer weather. Me? I would rather have a perfect 40-something degrees in the day time and snow this time of year. I love the seasons, the activity of the animals, the smells and sounds of the mountain. I so wish I could be there. Everyday, I feel the pull of the land up North. It is difficult to smile some days. 

     So, heart-sore and on the edge of tears, I kept going to the back door and looking at the only real view that I have; that of the building across the parking lot and the aerials and sky. 

     I went out to the back porch a few minutes later, intent on accomplishing something that would be considered productive, arms full of laundry. When I had put the load of clothing in the washer and closed the laundry room door on the hum of the machine, I heard a bird call that sounded a little ‘different’. I turned to see if I could find the source of the sound and saw what appeared to be a large bird flying parallel to the power lines, toward the junction tower. The bird looked a little wrong, maybe deformed and certainly the wrong shape, until it landed and I realized that it was a Hawk or Falcon. I ran inside to get our small pair of 24x binoculars. 

     On the top of the high voltage wire tower was a Peregrine Falcon, with the prey of a pigeon in its talons. The Falcon was busy, plucking the pigeon and spitting out the body feathers in little puffs that looked like cotton balls or large snow flakes, and they drifted away on the wind. 

     What an honor it was to watch the raptor, doing what it must to survive, not another care in the world. It was just doing what it does. But, it had been shown to me, brought to my attention.


      I believe it was to show me that, even though I am not on my beloved mountain, and even though I can not feel the seasons as I would like to, in a way that feeds my soul, the Goddess lets me know that I am not totally disconnected from Her wilderness. That, even in this loud and dirty city where few see the beauty in nature because it is covered up with asphalt and buildings, the current of life is still evident. 

     At one point in my life, my lesson was to learn not just to listen, but to hear. Now, I believe my lesson is not just to look, but to see. 

Just like the one I saw.


Wisps of Wisdom

From the time that I started to hear my own personal call, the call of The Morrigan, I knew that I would be a warrior for the rest of my life. At one point, I had my tarot cards read by a dear friend of mine who told me that the cards said that I would ‘never be able to put my sword down’. The way it was told to me, it sounded like a burden. But, when I heard it, I told my friend that I knew I would always have to have my ‘sword’ and wield it and that it was an HONOR to be able to pick that sword up every day, to sleep with it, to learn it and to follow the Path on which I would have to use that sword. 

Being a warrior of any kind does not make that warrior a better person than any other. It is simply a different Path. The greatness of following a warrior’s Path is not in being a warrior, per say. The greatness is in KNOWING that you are on the right Path, the one your heart told you to follow. 

And, in thinking of these things, I will end this entry with quotes from a wise man who taught me many things. It may, in fact, be time to read the books by this author again at this time in my life, when my Path is well defined. So, I leave you, reader, with two quotes from this wise man. Take from it what you will. 

“The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.

To be a warrior is not a simple matter of wishing to be one.  It is rather an endless struggle that will go on to the very last moment of our lives.  Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man.  We make ourselves into one or the other.”

~ Carlos Castaneda



A friend of mine posted a simple question on a social website recently. The post read “To nap or not to nap? That is the question”. This made me think of a bit of knowledge that I have not thought of in quite a while.

 Our bodies respond to the pattern of day and night in the area we live in (with perhaps the exception of the North and South poles during the deep winter or summer). There is a rhythm in nature, in the cycle of night and day that our bodies try to follow whether we are working nights or days or swing shift. Yes, we can use caffeine or other aids to try to stay focused and alert. And, we can try to train our selves to stay mostly alert in spite of an overwhelming desire to indulge in what some call a Power Nap. 

This rhythm that I refer to is called the Circadian Rhythm. I learned about this wonderful built-in time clock we all possess when I was in middle school (around 7th grade). This is a cycle within living things that keeps us on a schedule. We get tired when it is dark and we sleep (unless we are nocturnal). When the sun comes up, we naturally become more active. This rhythm is also dependent upon chemicals within the brain and some health factors that are unique to the individual. Another factor is signals from the environment.  Most of us can attest to the fact that we get tired and sleep at night and it is easier to sleep when it is dark.

 Well, it is for me. 

During the day, many of us humans are compelled by slight fatigue to seek out a comfy spot and take a little nap. Most of us can not do this because of a full time job, kids, traffic noise, etc. I don’t know about you, but even if I DO get enough sleep the previous night, I get a little sleepy around the middle of the afternoon. My point in this is to say that I think we should take a nap during the day. We should follow our body’s suggestions for rest, just as some follow their food cravings. Our bodies work the way they do for a reason; to keep us healthy and balanced in body and mind. We should take the hint, if we can. 

I encourage you to look up this wonderful aspect of the rhythm of life. Do a little digging of your own. I also encourage you to take a cue from the cats if at all possible…Nap a little once in a while!

 To my friend on that social website, I say “Go ahead and nap. You know you want to!”

A Response To A Question Elsewhere

I have been, and still am, involved in several online Pagan websites. I have had accounts on all of these for several years. But, I do not comment much or start many threads or topics. However, there was one question that was asked that prompted a response from me. The reason for this is because it was something I felt strongly about. Most of the time, I reply or comment because I do feel strongly and not because I am bored or because I need recognition. I felt that the question and the answer both had merit in today’s society and may even help a seeker of alternate  Paths of Spirituality . 

The question was “Do you feel that the new ways of the Craft of the Wise are watered down?”

Here is my response (and it is only MY response.  I used the words ‘we’ and ‘us’ to express encouragement to others):

The following is just my opinion and is not aimed at anyone or any thing save the question posed above….

I do not believe that the new ways of the Craft of the wise are watered down at all. 

I see this question as a 2-part question, deserving of a 2-part answer;

First, Wicca as a spiritual path is fairly new and no where near 500 years old.

Second, The Old Ways go back further and, for some, may even include the sympathetic magic that our ancestors used to call food animals to the local hunting ground or to raise energy for a trance state, far older than 500 years. For some, this question may seem to address Wicca and Paganism as two different Ways.

 The reason that I do not believe that our ‘NEW’ Path is watered down is because I have experienced trance, group Magick…I have felt the energy and raw power of the ancients come up from the Earth and down from the Moon like an eruption, like a water fall.

 I believe it has everything to do with awareness and training. You become aware through practicing Magick and opening your mind and heart. You use training to learn how to use that awareness….

 Now, in this age, we have a better understanding of all kinds of energy.  We can involve an understanding of Quantum Physics to better grasp why Magick works. We can use psychology to understand how the human mind finds ways to form personal references and how that helps each individual create a frame of reference to Magick and to resonate positively with it. These are things that our ancestors or the early practitioners of Wicca may have done. But, they did not have such an understanding of the ‘why’.

 I believe that understanding a thing creates avenues to better using a thing, even Magick. 

Therefore, I do not believe that it is ‘watered down’. 

I do, however, believe that some may have unrealistic expectations of what Magick really is. I believe that Hollywood and story books may have categorized Magick and ritual so that we become accustomed to thinking it is some instant gratification scheme to get what we want when that is what it certainly is not. This may appear to some as a ‘watering down’ of Magick… 

But, when we really study, when we are still and listen to the Goddess, we will find that the Magick has not been diminished. It has been buried under a layer of social silt. Dig for it.  It is even more powerful and life-changing than it has ever been.”





The Goddess Speaks

The Goddess Speaks. 

This year has been full of challenges and epiphanies. There have been lessons that needed to be learned and there have been many times when all there was in the world was silence, it seemed. But, through all of that, and sometimes because of all of that, I have evolved just a little bit more.

             No, it was not painless. And I can tell you that some of the lessons were things that I did not look forward to getting into. But, they had to be experienced in order for me to grow.

             For this year’s Samhain ritual, I was High Priestess and my husband was High Priest. From the day this was announced, nearly six months beforehand, I was nervous, apprehensive and just plain queasy at times. But, once it was announced, there was no way I was backing out.

            During those six months, a topic was brought to my attention. That is the topic of ‘ego’. We all have one. It is only a question of whether it is big or small; of whether it gets in the way or not. Mine is bigger than I thought it was and was getting in the way. After all, if I didn’t have an ego, I would not feel such apprehension and would not be nervous. For this nervousness is born of a fear of ‘doing it wrong’ in front of a group of people and being ridiculed for it, is it not? Growing up, I had been teased about a great many things and the emotional results of the past were difficult to overcome. This turned out to be one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to do.

            The day came and we went to the ritual site. We set up our altars; one for the photos and belongings of those who have passed on. This one we called the “Ancestor Altar” We set up another one to be our main altar.

We began and as the ritual progressed, I realized that I was having a great deal of trouble remembering what it was that I was supposed to say. I had written everything down and I could recall some things, such as the first half of a paragraph of the Circle Cast. But, I was walking the Circle and my mind would just go blank. So, I was silently scolding myself, making it worse and applying way too much pressure to myself.

            When the time came, my High Priest read the Charge of the Dark God, a version that he wrote himself. It was beautiful and powerful. We were both convinced that the God would speak through him because of how his version of the Charge came through; as a spontaneous train of thought, earlier that day. But, that did not happen.        

            I began to read the Charge of the Dark Goddess. And, as was par for that ritual, I screwed up and had to begin the second paragraph again. My tongue was way ahead of the thought processes and things were just not coming out correctly. The group seemed to accept this and there were no secret giggles.

                       I began again, slower this time. I read the words that I had typed and some that I had changed for the occasion of Samhain. As I went on, I could feel Her. I could feel that unmistakable buzzing in my feet, coming up my legs. But, as I finished the Charge, that was all I could feel…Until I put the paper I had been reading from back onto the altar and I began to speak.

I slowly became so full of what I can only describe as love and purpose. My words and my actions were directed. It was not me doing these things, exactly. It was me as the vessel and I was allowing this incredible power and love to come through me. All of my worries about ‘doing it wrong’ disappeared and became …nothing. I did not have confidence because my will was so far in the back ground of my consciousness that I couldn’t even feel it. I acted on instinct, sort of, and when it came time to farewell the Goddess, I did so. But, I can’t remember what it was that I said except that it had something to do with love. I began to shake with the fullness of the power of the Goddess and the Earth I was standing on.

            When the circle was open and all were grounding, my High Priest helped me down to the ground, where I sat for the next fifteen or twenty minutes, letting the excess energy flow out of me. Several people came to talk to me and to each other. My High Priest covered me with his cloak so I would not catch a chill. I was thanked and told each person that I could not take the credit. It had not been me that gave the gifts of such pure love and beauty. Sitting there on the cold, moist grass, I spoke to nearly everyone who had been in our ritual circle.

            But, you know something?           

            Not one person said anything to me about forgetting the words. I don’t even think they noticed. All I came away with was as incredible sense of well-being and the knowledge that I had been given a great honor. The Goddess acted through me. I can not take credit for much of any thing that happened after I read the Charge of the Dark Goddess and that is perfectly okay.

            I can tell you this; I will never forget any of what I felt or the lesson that I learned.