I have been a fan of some very successful Rock-and-Roll bands for a very long time. I have been to one particular band’s concerts several times as well as to shows by a member who had a stunningly successful  solo career. Being a Witch and aware of energy flow and what it can do, I opened myself up to the energy of the crowd and wondered what it would be like to be on that stage, where all of the energy was being directed, the recipient of the current, if you will.

I imagine that it would feel like being at the end of a live wire, of sorts. A sustained, yet muted,  lightning strike, perhaps.

From this train of thought came the following poem.



The curtain sways.

        It opens and the rush…

Life flows like a torrent;

                Blood from a vein.

The bird’s wing cradles the wind.

        A choir of breezes blows

                and lifts the cape of stars.

The moon rises and they

                to their feet.

Applause comes like thunder,

        cleaving the atmosphere,

        twisting the air into wicked strands

        that cascade into the

                        Curtain of night.


The spirit splits.

        The trees tremble.

        The hills hold vastly changing admiration,


One moment tender—

        crushing in like velvet,

Moving in to terrible

        and then to freedom.

The adoration lifts like the many hands

                Of worship.

But never forever—

        Only for a moment in time.


©JoBeth Sexton 2001-2013


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