| Gray Day |

Muted light
     mutating my thoughts
The dead things bend,
    Stiff as a brick
                       in the wind.
This body’s curves
                    echoed again and again…..
Undulating on the horizon
                    a reflection of sky 
       on the ground.

Insanity peeks in
                   as the monochromatic scheme
Bursts its vein
      and another blossoms
    in liquid form
       that matches the horizon
                     and the undulation of my body,
  in it’s gray pain…

   Indistinguishable from the sky
    ~ from the earth
    ~ from the sea…
              I disappear.
Copyright– JoBeth Sexton 2006- 2012


2 thoughts on “GRAY DAY

  1. Katie-Fn-J says:

    That is beautiful!

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