To Listen…

I  would like to tell you the story of when I first heard the voice of the Goddess. My story is probably similar to many other stories of the same nature. But, the similarities do not make the impact on each life less. It is a validation, of sorts. It is another factor that tells me that my experience was as real as the experience that every one else has had who has heard the voice of Divinity.

     It was early in the Summer of my 13th year and our family had gone on a camping trip to the Mogillon Rim in the White Mountains of Northern Arizona with a group of people from our church. Our family camping group consisted of my little sister and me, my Mother and my Step Father. Our church group was small, if I remember correctly. Only about twenty or so people. We each had our own camper, tent or area. During this weekend, I discovered the value of sitting quietly and just listening. But, I also discovered something that I did not expect.
      I loved to hike and went out alone, although it was close enough to hear my family if they got a little loud or if my Mother called me. I hiked by myself on this particular afternoon, with nothing but my pen and a notebook to write in. I found a small cave, an indentation in the side of the mountain, really, with a rock over-hang, where I could look out on miles and miles of blue green forest. As far as my eye could see, it was only that forest under the crystal clear blue sky. I just stared…
     And, although I did not know it at that time, I began to meditate. Yes, my eyes were open. But, I let them fade out of focus so the trees and sky became a blur of those gorgeous colors. The shadow where I was, and the rock and the ground, all blended together and I began to breathe. It was then that the Goddess spoke to me in that voice without sound.
     I could almost see the eddies and currents of the Wilderness around me, pulsing and breathing in it’s own rhythm, pushing against me, filling an empty space within. My mind filled with something unfamiliar to me, a church-going teen. A swirl of pure magic, created by the Earth and trees and sky, which, incredibly enough, I felt included me. I could suddenly smell all of the elements of life that made up the forest; trees and the small animals in them, Air and the scents it carried, the soil that I sat on and the scent of the huge rock jutting out from the mountain above my head. It was like a song without music or lyrics, a poem of pure being sung to a melody I could never repeat myself. It was so beautiful, tears came to my eyes and I realized that I could feel a Presence…Some one real and beside me. Someone so different from the god I had grown up with in church.
     The energy I felt was around me and I let it fill me and penetrate to my soul. It lifted me, somehow, without moving me and left a mark on me that changed me. My eyes were truly opened, as was my heart and soul. From that day forward, I knew there was more to life than church and school and after-school sports. I was full of the song and didn’t know what to call it. But, I could feel that same song in the trees and in the earth and in the monsoon thunderstorms that crashed down upon us when that Summer progressed to August in Phoenix, where we lived.
     On that day in the forest, I heard the Goddess. That was when She called me and claimed me and healed me fo the wounds of loss and the lonliness a shy child could feel. That was when my eyes were opened to the soul of this Earth and the fact that I, as small as I was, was a part of it.
     We are all part of it. We need only to listen to, to fall into that silence that is so full of the song of the Goddess.

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